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Traditional Weatherproof Burgundy Velvet
Christmas Bow
Ribbon size - 2 1/2"  or #40
Bow measures about 10"

This traditional Burgundy velvet bow and ribbon is made of flocked velvet on polypropylene.  A high quality ribbon is used to make this pretty bow.  These bows are easy sellers especially at the attractive case price.  These bows are perfect for about 18" to 26" finished size wreaths.  This bright color Burgundy Christmas ribbon is used to decorate inside and outside the house and looks great against dark greenery.  It can be tied on porch railings among garlands, on Christmas wreaths and trees, doors or mantels.  It takes about 3 1/2 yards to make a bow this size.     

Qty $6.60 Roll Ribbon 25 yds
Qty  Qty  $36.00 Ribbon Case (6 rolls)
Qty $5.75 Burgundy Velvet Bow
Qty $84.00 Burgundy Velvet Bow Case of 16